The Perfect Coffee Break - Humanitarian Box

Gift Comprises:
Ground Coffee, Thinking of You Candle & Sea Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate 80g Bar
Milk Powder, Soya (Chocolate Bar)
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The Perfect Coffee Break - is there such a thing? Well we think we've got just the gift to get close! Melt in the mouth salted caramel chocolate, rich tasting coffee and a wonderful relaxing ambience created by a delicate rose, mandarin and bergamot scented candle. Definitely something special to enjoy!

Our Storm in a Teacup is a blend of 80% Brazil Arabica and 20% Vietnam Robusta ground coffee with a tangy grapefruit sweetness, soft notes of dark chocolate and spice, with a lingering smoky finish. Ideal with a splash of milk or enjoyed as a latte, it pairs beautifully with the sweet salted milk chocolate made for us by COCO of Edinburgh chocolatiers. 

When we were looking to add a scented candle it had to be totally natural and not too overpowering, but still create a relaxed, uplifting ambience. Our  ‘Thinking Of You’ handmade soya wax candle by the Isle of Skye Candle Company proved to be the perfect match and will burn for approximately 30 hours.

So, if you can manage not to eat all the chocolate at once, you can have quite a few special coffee breaks - perfect!